Rocinha – the biggest favela in Brazil

Rocinha has its own rules. There is normally no police in the favela!

Everything goes his own way. The amazing thing, here live two parties, a “good one” and a so called “bad one”, right beside each other. And, I guess, they got used to each other. Last weekend we could experience it by ourselves.

While trying to dug deeper into the favela´s life and to get down to the core of the people living there, we had constant observers  who watched all of our actions. Eventually, while just sitting on the stairs of our friend Néltons house, some well shaped (bodywize), gold chain and rolex wearing guys confronted us supported by their automatic weapons. And the funny thing about it, that was the 2nd day in a row, the same thing happened to my Canadian buddy Andy and me a day earlier, crossing the wrong part of town in the night.

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    November 05, 2016