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4K RAW Aerial Filming

Welcome to NWS! We create on the edge 4K Documentaries


Feature Documentaries

One of our main cornerstones is the production of engaging documentaries. We are constantly developing new ways how to tell a great story with the focus on the authentic moments of the characters.

Aerial Filming

We are working with the latest technologies and innovations. Our company philosophy is based on a constant improving of our in house equipment, using the best products available on the market.

Sports Production

New World Spirits possesses 25 years experience of shooting outdoor sports videos. Proofed in many clips about the best Austrian Olympic sportsWomen and famous Red Bull athletes.

Post Production

We developed an unique visual language based on perfectly composed images, a special music & sound design and intense colour grading, produced in our in house editing suite.

Time Lapse

We are producing outstanding time lapse shots with newest DSLR Nikon Photo techniques mainly at remote outdoor locations as in the Austrian Alps.

Sports Events

New World Spirits Film Creation possesses more than twenty years experience in the creation of event tv productions, like the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series, X-Alps...

NWS Creative Agency Notes

Industry Films

We also offer our services to companies and businesses that are looking for a high quality corporate video of their Production facilities or a commercial of their products or company vision...

Event TV

New World Spirits Film Creation possesses more than twenty years experience in the creation of event tv productions. Like the red bull cliffdiving world tour...

TV Productions

New World Spirits Film Creation possesses more than twenty years experience in the creation of sports TV productions. 26/52min highlights and news production...

Ethnological Documentaries

Our latest documentary about ``A sustainable Life in the Amazon Rainforest``! Films about ethnological topics especially in South America are a main focus of our filmmaking.

NWS Notes & Skills

New World Spirits Films are audiovisual journeys into the fascinating world of pure Nature elements, creating intense emotions and, more so, carrying off the audience into imaginative moments that are hardly conceivable in a so called ``9 to 5`` life rythm

Our professional production crew consists of strongly committed filmmakers and daring extreme sportsmen

We gained experience in more than 20 years of filmmaking

We combine true performed action sports with narrative stories

Our company policy is based on latest technology and a constant development of our co-workers - that guarantees our clients a top level artwork

Documentaries 100% 100%
Outdoor Sports Production 100% 100%
Post Production 100% 100%
Aerial Filming 90% 90%
Professional Time Lapse 75% 75%
Photography 75% 75%

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The Creative Team

Thomas Miklautsch

Thomas Miklautsch

Camera Operator, Ceo & Founder, Editor

New World Spirits has been producer of several projects for in..

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Richard Pichler

Richard Pichler

Camera Operator, Drone Pilot, Photographer


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